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Beckman Retractor

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The Beckman Retractor is an amazing surgical retractor used for retracting tissue to reach the surgical site in various surgical procedures. It is an ideal instrument for neurosurgical laminectomy procedures. It comes with multiple variations to accommodate the surgeons in a variety of surgical procedures. The features are three or four prongs on each arm that can be moved with a hinge and a ratchet lock mechanism with finger-ring handles. The prongs are designed to separate and keep open the wound without hurting nearby tissues. Today, surgeons use a variety of handheld equipment according to the needs of the patient’s surgery. The body of the retractors is made of 100% medical-grade stainless steel. They are reusable and can be used after sterilization. These retractors safely and gently adjust organs and tissues to expose the underneath. They are lightweight, rust-free, and reliable.  The instrument is easily sterilized and reusable after sterilization. The stainless instrument features high-tensile strength and rustproof properties. We also offer customization options for the instruments that satisfy your surgical preferences.

GerMedUSA offers an extensive range of Beckman Retractors with multiple variations. Our Retractors are ideal to be a part of your unique surgical kit. This excellent instrument can be used for providing visualization and access during the medical procedure. The instruments we provide are reliable, sturdy, and sharp.

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