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The Beckman Retractor is a surgical retractor used for retracting tissues to reach the surgical site in various surgical procedures. It is an ideal instrument for neurosurgical laminectomy procedures.

Here are some of the features:
•    3 to 7 Prongs on Each Arm
•    Ratchet Lock Mechanism
•    Finger-ring Handles
•    Sharp or Blunt Tips

The prongs are designed to separate and keep open the wound without hurting nearby tissues.

Beckman Eaton Laminectomy Retractor Hinged Sharp 7x7 Teeth 1 3/4 inch Wide X 2 inch Deep Size 12 3/4 inch

Beckman Eaton Laminectomy Retractor Hinged Sharp 7x7 Teeth 1 3/4" Wide X 2" Deep Size 12 3/4"

SKU: G46-390

Availability: In Stock

Beckman Eaton Laminectomy Retractor is specifically designed to hold back tissues and muscles during ...

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Beckman Retractor

Beckman Retractor

Beckman Retractor, commonly referred to as the Laminectomy Retractor, is a self-retaining surgical t ...

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