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Surgical Pliers

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The Surgical Pliers are used for cutting, crimping wires, bending, removing pins, manipulating tissue during orthopedic surgeries. Some popular patterns are: 

•    Flat Nose Pliers
•    Needle Nose Pliers
•    Cerclage Pliers
•    Wire Bending Plier
•    Pin Extraction Pliers

GerMedUSA’s surgical instruments are widely used in the sterile processing department, and operating room and specifically focuses on the relationships with operating room personnel, key surgeons, and heads of specialties. 

Pin Extraction Pliers

Pin Extraction Pliers


Pin extraction pliers are made for removing the pins from the invasive regions. It is available in m ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Cerclage Pliers

Cerclage Pliers


Cerclage pliers are extremely handy yet versatile to remove and bend the k-wires from the invasive a ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Universal Pliers

Universal Pliers


Universal pliers are made for removing, grasping, and bending the k-wires as well as pins in the sur ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Long Jaw Pliers 7 inch

Long Jaw Pliers 7"

SKU: G39-586

Availability: In Stock

Long jaw pliers are made for holding the soft tissues at their place in any invasive procedure. It c ...

Narrow Nose Pliers 7 1/2 inch Tapers to 3.5mm

Narrow Nose Pliers 7 1/2" Tapers to 3.5mm

SKU: G39-578

Availability: In Stock

Narrow nose pliers are made for manipulating pins and k-wires. It comes in quite a lot of variations ...

Plier With Lock

Plier With Lock


Plier with lock is made to lock in the position with the assistance of over-center toggling action. ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Universal Needle Nose Pliers 8 inch Serrated with Spring 1.1mm Max Cut

Universal Needle Nose Pliers 8" Serrated with Spring 1.1mm Max Cut

SKU: G39-581

Availability: In Stock

Universal needle nose pliers are used in several surgeries, including simple crimping, cutting wires ...

Pin Puller Pliers 5 1/2 inch With Groove Tungsten Carbide

Pin Puller Pliers 5 1/2" With Groove Tungsten Carbide

SKU: G39-602

Availability: In Stock

Pin puller pliers 5 ½" with groove tungsten carbide are used for extracting and pulling out the pin ...

Round Nose Pliers 5 1/2 inch Smooth 1mm Tip Delicate

Round Nose Pliers 5 1/2" Smooth 1mm Tip Delicate

SKU: G39-562

Availability: In Stock

Round nose pliers are made for grasping, removing, and bending the k-wires as well as pins in surgic ...

Slip Joint Pliers 8 inch

Slip Joint Pliers 8"

SKU: G39-588

Availability: In Stock

Slip joint pliers are commonly used in orthopedic surgical procedures that require stability and sup ...

Universal Bending Pliers 6 1/2 inch Tungsten Carbide Tapered to 3.50mm

Universal Bending Pliers 6 1/2" Tungsten Carbide Tapered to 3.50mm

SKU: G17-203

Availability: In Stock

Universal bending pliers are made for grasping, removing, bending the k-wires and pins while perform ...

$569.53 $427.15
Lineman Pliers 8 1/2 inch with Cutter Maximum Capacity 1.6mm [0.062 inch]

Lineman Pliers 8 1/2" with Cutter Maximum Capacity 1.6mm [0.062"]

SKU: G39-608

Availability: In Stock

Lineman pliers are made for deploying k-wires as well as pins in orthopedic surgical practices. This ...

$253.63 $190.22
Wire Extraction Pliers

Wire Extraction Pliers

SKU: Wire Extraction Pliers

Wire extraction pliers are multipurpose surgical instruments that are made for manipulating and twis ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Cerclage Bending Pliers 5 inch With Slotted Jaw

Cerclage Bending Pliers 5" With Slotted Jaw

SKU: G39-556

Availability: In Stock

Cerclage bending pliers 5" with slotted jaw are incredible instruments for removing and bending the ...

Screw Removing Pliers 7 1/2 inch Tungsten Carbide with Speedlock for 3.0/4.5 Screws

Screw Removing Pliers 7 1/2" Tungsten Carbide with Speedlock for 3.0/4.5 Screws

SKU: G17-202

Availability: In Stock

Screw removing pliers 7 ½" tungsten carbide inserts surgical instrument is made for removing screws ...

$628.68 $471.51
X-Delicate Pliers 6 inch With Groove 0.028 inch/0.7mm Max

X-Delicate Pliers 6" With Groove 0.028"/0.7mm Max

SKU: G39-544

Availability: In Stock

X-delicate pliers are used for grasping, removing, or bending the k-wires and pins in orthopedic sur ...

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