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Mouth Gags Mouth and Throat

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The Mouth Gags are incredible surgical instruments used to keep the mouth open during surgical, dental, or endoscopic procedures. When the aim is to prevent chewing of the endotracheal tube, these tools are considered ideal. These instruments allow the surgeon to improve visualization of the surgical site. However, a variety of mouth gags are used to meet the surgery’s specialties.

These tools are made of 100% medical-grade German stainless material. So these gags are lightweight, reliable, and durable. The smooth holdings ensure painless and easy retraction. These tools are easy to be cleaned and sterilized. Environmental changes, heat, or pressure do not affect them. We have designed and manufactured a wide variety of M&T Mouth Gags along with multiple variations to facilitate users. All our instruments are sharp, durable, and for long-term use.

GerMedUSA has been committed to providing its customer with the highest quality instruments. We are a Real manufacturer and supplier of surgical instruments ranging from typical to sophisticated instruments required for surgeries. However, we customize further that our scope and range of instruments are not limited to displayed products. We also craft your customized instruments if it is not depicted in our catalog.

Denhardt Mouth Gag 4 3/4 inch Length

Denhardt Mouth Gag 4 3/4" Length

SKU: G21-05

Availability: In Stock

Denhardt Mouth Gag is widely used in a range of oral surgical procedures. This gag features a ratche ...

Davis Gag

Davis Gag


Davis Gag is widely used for mouth opening to expose the surgical area, create upper and oral pharyn ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Doyen-Jansen Mouth Gag With Grip Lock

Doyen-Jansen Mouth Gag With Grip Lock

SKU: G21-145

Availability: In Stock

Doyen-Jansen Mouth Gag is designed to be used in a range of oral surgical procedures. This gag featu ...

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