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In any surgical specialty, having precision-crafted Suture Scissors is crucial in effectively cutting and removing sutures with minimal risk of complications. We, at GerMedUSA, manufacture high-quality German Stainless steel Suture Removal Scissors that have tungsten carbide inserts in their blades, offering precise sharpness for fine-cutting actions. 
Our stitch scissors come in different sizes and in both straight and curved blades to meet the diverse needs of surgeons in different procedures. 

Spencer Stitch Scissors

Spencer Stitch Scissors

Spencer Stitch Scissors aids medical practitioners in suture removal.

Multiple buying options, see details to choose according to your needs.
Littauer Stitch Scissors

Littauer Stitch Scissors

Littauer Stitch Scissors have delicate patterns and a bottom blade. It is ideal for cutting the sutu ...

Multiple buying options, see details to choose according to your needs.
Westcott Stitch Scissors  4 inch

Westcott Stitch Scissors 4"

SKU: G18-285

Availability: In Stock

Westcott Stitch Scissors are perfect to use in ophthalmic surgical procedures. These scissors have G ...

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Here are some of the types of our suture scissors: 

  • Littauer Stitch Scissors Straight 
  • Spencer Stitch Scissors 
  • Standard Stitch Scissors
  • Westcott Stitch Scissors 4"
  • Littauer Stitch Scissors Straight (5 Colors)
  • Stitch Scissors Curved Fine Tips - Blunt Blades

Along with the above-listed Suture Removal Scissors, we can also offer you customized scissors of your chosen size and shape. If you are unable to find stitch scissors of your choice, we can craft those for you! 
Our highly expert team manufactures our instruments with the utmost precision, enabling surgeons to perform efficiently. The tungsten-carbide-inserted blades and fine-crafted tips ensure added durability. 
Moreover, our suture scissors are made of high-quality German stainless steel for corrosion resistance and maintain their sharpness through repeated use in operating rooms (OR). We adopt modern techniques to craft our instruments for long-term use and reliability. 

Why Choose Our Suture Scissors? 

We strictly follow the FDA guidelines for manufacturing precision-crafted suture scissors and other surgical instruments. We are reputable surgical instrument manufacturers with over thirty years of experience. 
Additionally, we are ISO 13485 certified, highlighting