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Eye Cystotome is a surgical tool specifically designed for use in opthalmological procedures. They are used to create an incision in the lens capsule in order to get access to the lens nucleus. 

Here are some of the types:
•    Von Graefe Cystotome
•    Wilder Cystotome Flexible

These eye cystotomes are lightweight, reusable, and reliable. 

Von Graefe Cystotome

Von Graefe Cystotome

The Von Graefe Cystotome is a useful surgical tool to open the capsule of the lens in cataract opera ...

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Wilder Cystotome Flexible

Wilder Cystotome Flexible

SKU: G18-24

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Wilder Cystotome Flexible is useful for the cystotomy for opening the lens capsule in cataract opera ...

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