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The Ligator, Cotton Carrier, and Suction Tubes are surgical instruments used during rectal procedures. Ligator is used to block the blood supply to the hemorrhoid tissues to make it fall off. Cotton Carrier and Suction Tubes are used in soiling to clean up stool for rectal examination in patients with severe diarrhea.

For example:
•    McGivney Hemorrhoidal Ligator
•    Buie Suction Tube with Finger Valve
•    Straight Cotton Carrier Spring Action
•    Latez O-rings for Ligator Bag

All these tools are made from high-quality German forged stainless material that keeps them strong and rustproof. 

McGivney Hemorrhoidal Ligator 7 inch 100 Latex O-rings

McGivney Hemorrhoidal Ligator 7" 100 Latex O-rings

SKU: G26-26

Availability: In Stock

Mcgivney Hemorrhoidal Ligator 7” is used in combination with Hemorrhoid Grasping Forceps in order ...

$590.03 20% Off
Buie Suction Tube With Finger Valve 15 Fr

Buie Suction Tube With Finger Valve 15 Fr

SKU: G26-48

Availability: In Stock

Buie Suction Tube is used to remove any foreign object from the rectum before any surgical procedure ...

$111.12 20% Off
Latex O-rings For No. 26-26 Ligator Bag With 100 Rings

Latex O-rings For No. 26-26 Ligator Bag With 100 Rings

SKU: G26-27

Availability: In Stock

Latex O-rings are used with Hemorrhoidal Ligator to stop the blood. These rings are crafted for No. ...

$15.86 20% Off
Straight Cotton Carrier Spring Action 15 inch

Straight Cotton Carrier Spring Action 15"

SKU: G26-47

Availability: In Stock

A straight Cotton Carrier is used to holding cotton and other material in order to clean up the woun ...

$66.03 20% Off