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Ligator Cotton Carrier and Suction Tubes Rectal

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The ligator is used to interrupt blood supply to the hemorrhoid tissue utilizing a ligature inserted around hemorrhoids. It is for use only by qualified medical staff in hospitals, clinics, and medical centers. Cotton Carrier and Rectal Suction Tubes can be used securely and efficiently to avoid soiling in seriously ill patients with diarrhea. Further research merits using rectal tubing as adjuncts to recovery and avoidance of pressure sores in chronically ill patients. GerMedUSA has obtained all the equipment required to perform various surgeries. Our instruments are made from high-grade material to increase durability and longevity. We have created this exclusive instrument with the help of professionals. Our advancement in medical devices has allowed a much more comprehensive diagnosis.

Mcgivney Hemorrhoidal Ligator 7 inch 100 Latex O-rings

Mcgivney Hemorrhoidal Ligator 7" 100 Latex O-rings

SKU: G26-26

Availability: In Stock

Ligator, Hemorrhoidal McGivney, 7" working length, supplied with drum loading cone and 100 latex O-r ...

Straight Cotton Carrier Spring Action 15 inch

Straight Cotton Carrier Spring Action 15"

SKU: G26-47

Availability: In Stock

Cotton Carrier, Straight, 15"/ 37.5 cm, shaft with spring action,

Latex O-rings For No. 26-26 Ligator Bag With 100 Rings

Latex O-rings For No. 26-26 Ligator Bag With 100 Rings

SKU: G26-27

Availability: In Stock

O-Rings Latex, for No.26-26 Ligator, Bag with 100 rings,

Buie Suction Tube With Finger Valve 15 Fr

Buie Suction Tube With Finger Valve 15 Fr

SKU: G26-48

Availability: In Stock

Suction Tube, Buie, with finger valve, 15 Fr, 16"/ 40 cm

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