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Our Bone Rasp Instruments are used to scrape or file away bones during orthopedic and neurosurgical procedures. The bayonet-style with one smooth side and one curved side with cross-serrations, making it suitable for filing.

•    Aufricht Rasp
•    Bone Rasp
•    Cottle Rasp
•    Farabeuf Raspatory

GerMedUSA’s multifaceted instruments are preferred to perform a broad range of surgical operations.

Aufricht Rasp  

Aufricht Rasp

The Aufricht rasps instrument is used in nasal surgical procedures. The precise tip of the instrument moves inside the areas that are otherwise hard to reach.

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Aufricht Glabellar Rasp

Aufricht Glabellar rasps are ideally used for Ear, Nose, and Throat procedures. The serrated end of the instrument allows it to work even in narrow contours.

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Bone Rasp  

Bone Rasp

Bone Rasp is used to carving down uneven bone edges during orthopedic surgery. The ergonomic design of the bone rasp file bone edges without damaging the nearby tissues.

Multiple SKUs Available

Excision Arthroplasty Rasp 170mm

The excision Arthroplasty is a specialized surgical instrument used to file rough bone edges and remove bone spurs from a surgical site.

$66.00 20% Off

Bone Rasp Straight Double Ended

The bone rasps are used to manipulate hard tissues during multiple orthopedic surgical procedures. The double-ended instrument allows filing bones present in the complex surgical site.

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Cottle Rasp  

Cottle Rasp 8" Straight 7mm Backward Cutting Plain Serrations

Cottle rasps are used in filing bones during a nasal reconstructive surgical procedure. The plain serration of the instrument allows backward cutting of the cartilage and bone tissues.

$130.91 20% Off

Diamond Rasp  

Diamond Nose Rasp

Diamond Nose Rasps are used to smooth out the septum in a nasal surgical procedure. The instrument comes in multiple tip variations.

Multiple SKUs Available

Farabeuf Raspatory  

Farabeuf Rasp

Farabeuf Rasps assist in neurosurgical procedures. The instrument possesses a thick handle and a sharp convex blade that allows successful bone whittling.

Multiple SKUs Available

Gallaher Rasp  

Gallaher Rasp 6 1/2" Coarse Teeth Straight

Gallaher Rasps are used to shape bones and other hard tissues during an orthopedic procedure. The instrument also assists in craniotomies and spinal surgeries.

$177.74 20% Off

Glabella Rasp  

Glabella Rasp 8 1/2" Straight 5.5mm Serrated Tip Downward Cutting Tungsten Carbide

Glabella Rasp assists surgeons in Nasal surgical procedures. It is also used to smooth out bones during plastic surgical procedures.

$266.97 15% Off

Kleinert Kutz Rasp  

Kleinert Kutz Rasp 8 1/2" Double Ended 8mm Fine and Corase Serrated Tips With Serrated Handle

Kleinert Kutz Rasps are ideally for nasal surgical procedures. The convex blades rasp uneven edges of the nasal bone.

$146.85 15% Off

Lewis Rasp  

Lewis Rasp

Lewis’s rasp assists in restorative rhinoplasty surgical procedures. The cross serration on the tip of the Rasp allows effective small cuts at the nasal bone.

Multiple SKUs Available

Maltz Rasp  

Maltz Rasp 8 1/4" Improved Double End Pattern Forward and Backward Cutting

Maltz Rasp is used in reconstructive surgical procedures. The ergonomic details of the instrument make it ideal to use in the narrow and complicated surgical site.

$225.83 15% Off

Nail Rasp  

Nail Rasp No 93 Double Ended 6 3/4" Delicate Angled Up/Down 2mm Plain Serrated

Nail Rasps are used to file uneven edges of nails during a podiatry treatment. The grooved edge of the Rasp smooths out the nails.


Nasal Rasp  

Maltz Nasal Rasp 7" Backward Cutting

Maltz Nasal Rasp assists in rasping nasal bone during nasal surgery. From coarse grit to fine rasping, the instrument is versatile.

$225.83 15% Off

Polokoff Rasp  

Polokoff Rasp Double Ended

Polokoff Rasps are used to hollow bones for bone grafting, implant, and other orthopedic surgical procedure. The delicate blades present on both ends of the instrument allow rasping of soft tissues too.

Multiple SKUs Available

Putti Bone Rasp  

Putti Bone Rasp

Putti bone rasps are used in nasal surgical procedures. The double-ended instrument contains two flat blades that file and smooth out the nasal bone.

Multiple SKUs Available


Rasp Large Handle 17" Straight 10mm Plain and Cross Serrated Tip 9" Black Plastic Handle

The Rasp Large Handle instrument assists in rasping deeper bones. The plastic handle of the instrument allows deeper bone manipulation with ease.

$541.09 15% Off

Trochlea Rasp  

Trochlea Rasp 11mm

Trochlea rasp is used in filing, widening, and rasping of Trochlea. The stainless-steel instrument is highly reusable.