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Bone Holding Forceps are general-purpose instruments used in medical procedures that involve bone stabilization. Bone holding forceps are designed to treat fragile bones such as smaller phalangeal and metacarpal bones requiring small instruments for circumference.

•    Bishop Bone Holding Forceps
•    Bone Fragment Clamp
•    Bone Fragment Forceps
•    Bone Reduction Forceps

As a trusted manufacturer and supplier, our surgical instruments are crafted with various excellent variations.

Bishop Bone Holding Forceps  

Bishop Bone Forceps With Ratchet

Bone fragment clamps hold bone pieces during orthopedic surgical procedures. Pointed tips of the instrument allow better bone grasping.

Multiple SKUs Available

Bone Fragment Clamp  

Bone Fragment Clamp

Bone Fragment Clamp is used to maintain the bone fragments reduction while they are being fixed. Our broad range of surgical instruments is manufactured with multiple variations to accommodate healthcare professionals in multiple surgical cases.

Multiple SKUs Available

Bone Fragment Clamp 6 1/2" Curved 3.0mm Ball Tips with Long Ratchet

The Bone Fragment Clamp 6 1/2" Curved features 3.0 mm ball tips for grasping uneven bone fragments during surgery. Its long ratchet enables easy, one-handed clamping for secure manipulation. Crafted from German stainless steel, it stands against repeated use.

$650.00 25% Off

Bone Fragment Forceps  

Bone Fragment Forceps

Bone Fragment Forceps are used in removal, perforation, and treatment of bones in orthopedic treatment. The instrument comes with self-lock handles.

Multiple SKUs Available

Bone Holding Forceps X-Small  

X-Small Serrated Bone Holding Forceps

X-Small Serrated bone holding forceps are used for grasping small delicate bones during the orthopedic surgical procedure. The instrument comes with a speed lock mechanism that keeps the bones at a place so that the surgeon can keep their focus on the surgery.

$73.00 10% Off

Bone Holding Forceps 5 1/2" Angled With Serrations

Bone Holding Forceps help in grasping and moulding the bones during orthopedic surgery. The Angled head of the forceps is ideal for fracture restoration.

$144.00 17% Off

Bone Reduction Forceps  

Phalangeal Percutaneous Bone Reduction Forceps 5" Calibrations 2mm-10mm Maximum Opening 10mm

The Phalangeal Percutaneous bone reduction forceps are ideal for bone reduction procedures conducted on phalanges.

$186.68 25% Off

Bone Reduction Forceps 7", Curved, Pointed Tips

Our Bone reduction forceps, 7" with curved, pointed tips, are designed to assist surgeons in grasping and aligning fractured bones during orthopedic procedures. The 7" length reaches deeper structures, while the curved design and pointed tips ensure a secure yet delicate grip for precise alignment. It is crafted from medical-grade stainless steel.

$149.00 13% Off

Farabeuf Bone Holding Forceps  

Farabeuf Forceps

Farabeuf Forceps are used in holding bones during an open reduction of a fracture. The multiple teeth in the head of the instrument allow better grasping of bone fragments.

Multiple SKUs Available

Farabeuf Lambotte Bone Holding  

Farabeuf Lambotte Forceps With Ratchet

The Farabeuf Lambotte Forceps with Ratchet compress and grasp tissues during surgical procedures. The Ratchet end of the instrument allows optimal gripping.

Multiple SKUs Available

Fergusson Bone Holding Forceps  

Fergusson Bone Forceps 8" Teeth 2x2

Fergusson Bone Forceps are used in bone alignment procedures. The ratchet handle allows an excellent grip on the surgeon.

$162.90 10% Off

Fibula Bone Holding Forceps  

Fibula Forceps 8 1/2" Angled Tips Speedlock

Fibula Forceps are specialized surgical instruments used in orthopedic surgeries and for those pertaining to the fibula. Our extensive range of surgical instruments is made from German surgical stainless steel, thus reused after sterilization. The unique design makes it suitable for orthopedic surgeries.

$218.80 10% Off

Glenoid Bone Holding Forceps  

Glenoid Perforating Forceps Angle

The Glenoid Perforating Forceps are used in knee-related surgical procedures. The curved ends of the forceps ensure perforation without damaging the nearby tissues.

Multiple SKUs Available

Ikuta Bone Clamp  

Ikuta Bone Clamp Straight

The Ikuta bone clamp allows the passage of wires or screws at the point of maximum pressure. The tip of the clamp is a pronged style that offers easy clamping and manipulation of surgical wires.

Multiple SKUs Available

Ikuta Bone Clamp Angled

The angled Ikuta bone clamp is used to stabilize and grasp bone fragments during orthopedic surgical procedures.

Multiple SKUs Available

Lambert Lowman Bone Clamp  

Lambert Lowman Bone Clamp

The Lambert Lowman bone clamp is used in bone alignment and reduction surgeries. The two-by-two jaws prong ensure zero bone fracture during the operation.

Multiple SKUs Available

Langenbeck Bone Holding Forceps  

Langenbeck Bone Forceps 8" Teeth 2x2 Partially Serrated

The Langenbeck bone forceps are used in manipulating bone fragments during a reduction orthopedic surgery. The instrument is used in several surgical procedures.

$140.40 10% Off

Locke Bone Holding Forceps  

Locke Phalangeal Forceps 6" Teeth 1x2 Serrated Jaws

The Locke Phalangeal forceps are used for hollow bone structures present in phalanges. The instrument is used for hand orthopedic surgeries.

$63.16 10% Off

Malleolar Bone Holding Forceps  

Malleolar Bone Holding Forceps

The Malleolar Bone Holding Forceps are used in grasping malleolus bones during ankle surgical procedures. The sharp pointing tips do not fracture the bone during its manipulation.

Multiple SKUs Available

Orthopedic Bone Holding Clamps  

Van Buren Sequestrum Forceps 9" Angled On Side Serrated Jaws

The Van Buren forceps are used in several surgical procedures. The serrated angled tip of the forceps is used in picking small bone fragments during an operation.

$274.78 20% Off

Bone Holding Clamp 6" With Measuring Caliper

The Bone Holding Clamp comes with a measuring caliper. The instrument is used in mobilizing bone fragments.

$144.00 17% Off

Patella Bone Holding Forceps  

Patella Forceps 7" Sharp Teeth 2x2 With Speedlock Maximum Opening 48mm

Patella forceps are used in knee replacement surgery. The Round tip of the forceps is ideal for carrying bones of varying lengths.

$280.60 10% Off

Pelvic Reduction Forceps  

Pelvic Reduction Forceps

Pelvic Reduction forceps are used in grasping bones during pelvic fractures surgery. The pointed ball tips of the instrument allow the bone to remain intact.

Multiple SKUs Available

Pelvic Reduction Forceps Straight

Pelvic Reduction forceps are ideally used for pelvic reduction or fracture surgical procedures. The straight tip of forceps allows it to move into the deep surgical site and facilitate the surgeon.

Multiple SKUs Available

Plate Holding Forceps  

Plate Holding Forceps

The plate holding forceps are used in holding bone plate fragments to a secure position during an orthopedic surgical position. The unique tip size makes it perfect for smaller and new bones.

Multiple SKUs Available

Plate and Bone Holding Forceps 5" One Pointed and One Footplate Tip Maximum Opening 16mm

The Plate and Bone Holding forceps are used in multiple surgical procedures. For instance, the instrument is used in IM pinning and guiding, and adding bone plates during a reduction surgery.

$105.23 10% Off

Sesamoidectomy Bone Holding Clamp  

Sesamoidectomy Clamp 6 1/2" Slightly Curved

Sesamoidectomy clamp is used for Sesamoidectomy surgical procedures. The instrument effectively removes small bone fragments to reduce pain and inflammation from different areas of the body.


Stagbeetle Bone Holding Forceps  

Stagbeetle Forceps 4 3/4" Curved With Pointed Tips

Stagbeetle forceps are used in bone reduction procedures. The precise tip of the instrument makes it perfect for manipulating smaller bone fragments.

$97.18 10% Off

Ulrich Bone Holding Forceps  

Ulrich Bone Forceps Straight

Ulrich Bone Forceps instrument is used for grasping thicker bone fragments. The serrated jaws of the instrument offer a longer-lasting grip.

Multiple SKUs Available

Ulrich Bone Forceps Curved 9"

Ulrich bone forceps are used in mobilizing bone fragments during several orthopedic surgical procedures.

$397.00 20% Off