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Love Uvula Retractor

Love Uvula Retractor

The Love Uvula Retractor is a specialized surgical instrument designed to aid in the retraction of t ...

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Lothrop Uvula Retractor 20mm Wide

Lothrop Uvula Retractor 20mm Wide

SKU: G21-89

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The Lothrop Uvula Retractor is a surgical instrument that is used to hold the uvula out of the way d ...

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Uvula Retractors are surgical instruments used during ENT and oral procedures to elevate the soft palate. They help in deviating the uvula, which allows the surgeon better access to the pharyngeal tonsil. 

Here are some of the types:
•    Love Uvula Retractor
•    Lothrop Uvula Retractor

These retractors are autoclavable. They can withstand environmental changes.