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Tonsil Scissors Mouth and Throat

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The Tonsil Scissors are excellent surgical instruments used for dissecting and cutting during tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy procedures. Generally, they are used to incise mucosa to push tonsils inferiorly to the lower side. The features include finger-ring handles along with a robust and slightly long shaft and curved tips.

The tonsillectomy procedures with these scissors and the advantages these instruments possess are not limited to this write-up. These scissors are made to cut the tonsil when the handles locked them with a fixation ratchet. The scissor’s beak is passed backward, and tonsils are drawn out. The gland is easily cut off from the throat tissues. The beak prevents the instrument from slipping between the scissor’s blades. So, the tonsils can easily be removed.

The ease and simplicity in operating command of the scissors while cutting and removing the entire gland without trouble are difficult. The finger-ring handles allowing more effective and easy access to tonsils tissues. Some patterns are also available with fine tips.

Nowadays, surgeons use various styles, types, and sizes according to the surgery's requirements and needs. The fine quality 100% medical-grade German stainless steel body of the tools is reusable and easily sterilized. These tools are rustproof and robust that do not bend easily.

GerMedUSA’s instruments are known to be graceful and lightweight. They function perfectly during any surgery that requires high precision. These unique and high-quality instruments become a natural extension of the healthcare’s hand.

Prince Tonsil Scissors Curved 7 inch

Prince Tonsil Scissors Curved 7"

SKU: G10-66

Availability: In Stock

Prince Tonsil Scissors are widely used in tonsillectomy procedures. These scissors come in multiple ...

Boettcher Tonsil Scissors Curved 7 inch

Boettcher Tonsil Scissors Curved 7"

SKU: G10-62

Availability: In Stock

Boettcher Tonsil Scissors are designed to be used during tonsillectomy procedures. Overall instrumen ...

Metzenbaum Tonsil Scissors Curved 7 inch Fine Tips

Metzenbaum Tonsil Scissors Curved 7" Fine Tips

SKU: G21-35

Availability: In Stock

Metzenbaum Tonsil Scissors are widely used in tonsillectomy procedures. These versatile surgical sci ...

Good-Reiner Tonsil Scissors Curved 7 inch

Good-Reiner Tonsil Scissors Curved 7"

SKU: G10-63

Availability: In Stock

Good-Reiner tonsil Scissors are used for the blunt dissection of internal soft tissues during mouth ...

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