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Eye Lachrymal Dilators Probes and Accessory Items

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Eye Lachrymal Dilators, Probes, and Accessory Items are used in various eye procedures. The dilator can be used to maintain natural tear flow in a wounded lacrimal drainage system. To obtain entry to the lacrimal sac, the dilator is inserted via the punctum. The instrument is double-ended with two different sizes based on the surgical choice. The probe can be employed to determine the specific site of the canal laceration. In particular, the novel curvature can be used to curve the opposite eyelid across the edges of the nasolacrimal duct. Blunt terminated tips are designed to minimize damage to the lacrimal tissue. The lacrimal dilators have long-handled, and some patterns feature angled dilators. 

Our broad range of instruments is made from high-grade German surgical stainless steel. This metal keeps it lightweight and rustproof. Low maintenance is required due to having high tensile strength and resistance against environmental changes. The stainless steel body renders the surface inert to many chemical reactions, thus giving a phenomenal built-in corrosion resistance, specifically in the internal human body environment. The instruments are reusable that can be cleaned and sterilized easily.

GerMedUSA understands the needs and requirements of the accurate size of the instruments for surgery. All of our Instruments are manufactured with German Forged stainless steel. This equipment can be used for providing visualization and access during the medical procedure. The instruments we provide are reliable, sturdy, and sharp.

Eye Magnet Foreign Body Loop

Eye Magnet Foreign Body Loop


Eye Magnet Foreign Body Loop is a surgical instrument with a pencil-like structure that removes the ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Holth Corneoscleral Punch

Holth Corneoscleral Punch


Holth Corneoscleral Punches are incredible eye instruments widely used for ophthalmological procedur ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Miniature Blade Breakers

Miniature Blade Breakers


Miniature Blade Breakers are widely used to break blunt scalpel blades directly and remove them safe ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Wilder Lacrimal Dilator 4 1/4 inch Long Taper

Wilder Lacrimal Dilator 4 1/4" Long Taper

SKU: G18-298

Availability: In Stock

Wilder Lacrimal Dilator is widely used for easy insertion under the anterior capsule during ophthalm ...

Muldoon Lacrimal Dilator-Probe 4 inch

Muldoon Lacrimal Dilator-Probe 4"

SKU: G18-303

Availability: In Stock

Muldoon Lacrimal Dilator-Probe is used for ophthalmological procedures. The unique design makes them ...

Castroviejo Blade Breaker And Holder 5 1/4 inch Slide Catch

Castroviejo Blade Breaker And Holder 5 1/4" Slide Catch

SKU: G18-49

Availability: In Stock

Castroviejo Blade Breaker and Holder is an incredible instrument used for ophthalmological procedure ...

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