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Eye Lachrymal Dilators Probes and Accessory Items

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Eye Lachrymal Dilator helps in releasing duct blockage and restoring tear drainage by dilating the lachrymal passage. It features blunt, pointed tips that prevent any kind of injury to the surrounding tissue. 

Here are some of the types:
•    Bowman Lacrimal Probe
•    Wilder Lacrimal Dilator
•    Muldoon Lacrimal Dilator
•    Eye Magnet Foreign Body Loop

It comes with a long ergonomic handle for superior handling.

Eye Magnet Foreign Body Loop

Eye Magnet Foreign Body Loop


Eye Magnet Foreign Body Loop is an ideal surgical instrument for the removal of the eye's foreign pa ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Miniature Blade Breakers

Miniature Blade Breakers


Miniature Blade Breakers are remarkable instruments used for multiple surgical procedures. Surgeons ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Holth Corneoscleral Punch

Holth Corneoscleral Punch


Holth Corneoscleral Punches are incredible eye instruments widely used for ophthalmological procedur ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Muldoon Lacrimal Dilator-Probe 4 inch

Muldoon Lacrimal Dilator-Probe 4"

SKU: G18-303

Availability: In Stock

The Muldoon Lacrimal Dilator-Probe is useful for a range of ophthalmic surgical procedures. The dist ...

$71.78 $57.42
Wilder Lacrimal Dilator 4 1/4 inch Long Taper

Wilder Lacrimal Dilator 4 1/4" Long Taper

SKU: G18-298

Availability: In Stock

The Wilder Lacrimal Dilator 4 1/4" Long Taper is an ophthalmic instrument designed for releasing duc ...

$71.78 $57.42
Castroviejo Blade Breaker And Holder 5 1/4 inch Slide Catch

Castroviejo Blade Breaker And Holder 5 1/4" Slide Catch

SKU: G18-49

Availability: In Stock

Castroviejo Blade Breaker and Holder is used for the safe handling and disposal of surgical blades. ...

$581.62 $465.30
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