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Thumb Dressing Forceps

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Thumb Dressing forceps are spring forceps that are used to condense between your thumb and forefinger and are used to capture, hold, or manipulate body tissues. They are styled non-ratchet. For instance, thumb forceps may be used to hold or move tissue throughout surgery, or to push dressings. GerMedUSA has created a versatile Thumb Dressing forceps method for practitioners. With the support of specialists, we developed this exclusive Thumb Dressing forceps. The development of medical technology has encouraged a much more detailed diagnosis. Such equipment can be used during the process to provide grasping and access. The instruments are all accurate, robust, and sharp. Hence, they can be repurposed after disinfection.
Gerald Dressing Forceps

Gerald Dressing Forceps


Gerald Dressing Forceps are used for removing and applying dressings. These forceps are also widely ...

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Dressing Forceps Tungsten Carbide

Dressing Forceps Tungsten Carbide


Dressing Forceps are a highly versatile surgical instrument and are widely used to remove surgical d ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Semken Dressing Forceps

Semken Dressing Forceps


Semken Dressing Forceps are widely used for holding dressing material such as gauge and cotton durin ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Tuttle Forceps 7 inch Light Pattern

Tuttle Forceps 7" Light Pattern

SKU: G12-46

Availability: In Stock

Forceps, Dressing, Tuttle, light pattern, 7"/ 17.5 Cm

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