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Mouth and Throat Dilators are used in oral surgical procedures to expand access to the airway. Their blunted tips keep the surrounding tissues safe from harm.

For Example:
•    Trousseau Tracheal Dilator
•    Laborde Tracheal Dilator

The finger-ring handle provides optimal control over the instrument and makes this instrument easier to use.

Laborde Tracheal Dilator 5 3/4 inch

Laborde Tracheal Dilator 5 3/4"

SKU: G21-120

Availability: In Stock

Laborde Tracheal Dilator is an incredible surgical instrument and is widely used to dilate or widen ...

$197.55 $158.04
Trousseau Tracheal Dilator 5 3/4 inch

Trousseau Tracheal Dilator 5 3/4"

SKU: G21-119

Availability: In Stock

Trousseau Tracheal Dilator is a single spring, non-ratcheted, and finger ring instrument and is wide ...

$276.64 $221.31