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Mikulicz Forceps are also known as peritoneum clamps. They are used during surgery to clamp the peritoneal sac on the abdominal wall closure. The teeth provide a firm grip over the tissues.

Here are some of the features: 
•    Teethed Tips
•    Ratchet Lock Mechanism
•    Slightly Curved Jaws
•    German Stainless Structure

These forceps are lightweight, durable, and rustproof. They can be reused after proper cleaning and sterilization. 

Mikulicz Hemostatic Forceps 1x2 Teeth 8 inch Slightly Curved

Mikulicz Hemostatic Forceps 1x2 Teeth 8" Slightly Curved

SKU: G11-108

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Mikulicz Hemostatic Forceps 1x2 Teeth 8" are made to aid gynecological procedures.

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