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Bone Impactor

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Besides, the jaws have a moderate curvature which enables the handle to stay slightly raised from the jaw plane and provide the surgeon optimum leverage. Bone Impactor available in multiple styles with a short ratchet or a long ratchet which makes it versatile enough for any surgical situation to fulfill. In particular, it is intended to be used in bone grafting operations to ensure that the graft is fully settled in place. It features a handle from which the easing body ends in a thin metal head which is perfect for establishing on the graft and applying strength. Following these criteria, GerMedUSA has established a special and effective standard instrument collection for surgeons. This equipment can be used during the process to provide visualization and access. The instruments are all accurate, robust, and sharp. Hence, they can be reused after disinfection.



Bone Impactor is specifically manufactured of stainless steel and is widely used in orthopedic surgi ...

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