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Cilia Forceps Eye

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Cilia Forceps Eye is an ideal tool for ophthalmologic procedures involving the eyelid. The forceps feature a slightly rounded tip for removing the cilia for blepharoplasty or management of blepharitis marginalis. The wide serrated handle gives the surgeon an ergonomic grip during the operation, minimizing fatigue. 

Our broad range of operating room quality medical tools use the highest grades of surgical steel, provide finely detailed quality design and intricate manufacturing practices. The design of stainless steel provides non-corrosive, anti-bacterial, and rust-proof properties to have greater longevity. The single instrument is thoroughly tested for accuracy and functionality. No single surgical instrument leaves our warehouse until it is visually checked.

Douglas Cilia Forceps, Bennett Cilia Forceps, Bergh Cilia Forceps, Beaupre Cilia Forceps, and Beer Cilia Forceps are some popular patterns of the cilia forceps. These patterns are manufactured in multiple sizes and styles to accommodate multiple surgeries. 

GerMedUSA has been committed to providing its valued customer with the highest quality surgical instruments. We are a REAL manufacturer and supplier of surgical instruments ranging from typical to specific instruments needed for surgeries. Conversely, we customize further that our scope and range of instruments are not restricted to displayed products. We can manufacture your customized instruments if it is not depicted in our catalog. All our instruments are sharp, durable, and for long-term use.

Bennett Cilia Forceps 3 inch

Bennett Cilia Forceps 3"

SKU: G18-360

Availability: In Stock

Bennett Cilia Forceps are used to grasp cilia from the eyelid during ocular surgical procedures. The ...

Bergh Cilia Forceps 3 1/2 inch

Bergh Cilia Forceps 3 1/2"

SKU: G18-359

Availability: In Stock

Bergh Cilia Forceps are used to statically grasp, hold, and pull the cilia from the edges of the pos ...

Beaupre Cilia Forceps 4 1/2 inch

Beaupre Cilia Forceps 4 1/2"

SKU: G18-361

Availability: In Stock

Beaupre Cilia Forceps are widely used to remove the eyelashes from the eyelid. These instruments com ...

Douglas Cilia Forceps 3 1/2 inch

Douglas Cilia Forceps 3 1/2"

SKU: G18-358

Availability: In Stock

Douglas Cilia Forceps are widely used to remove eyelashes during Ocular procedures. These instrument ...

Beer Cilia Forceps 4mm Smooth 3 1/2 inch

Beer Cilia Forceps 4mm Smooth 3 1/2"

SKU: G18-357

Availability: In Stock

Beer Cilia Forceps are used to grasp, readjust, or move the eyelashes (cilia) during ophthalmologica ...

Gradle Cilia Forceps 4 inch

Gradle Cilia Forceps 4"

SKU: G18-362

Availability: In Stock

Gradle Cilia Forceps are used for correcting abnormal growth of eyelashes from posterior lamella suc ...

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