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Eye Retractors are used for the purpose of tissue retraction in ophthalmic surgeries. They retain eyelids, sac, iris, and other eye structures. 

Here are some of the types:
•    Desmarres Lid Retractors
•    Lacrimal Sac Retractor 
•    Mcgannon Iris Retractor

These are handheld tools with fenestrated hook tips to hold delicate tissues in small surgical areas. They are manufactured with 100% German medical-grade stainless steel.

Mcgannon Iris Retractor 5 1/4 inch

Mcgannon Iris Retractor 5 1/4"

SKU: G18-102

Availability: In Stock

The Mcgannon Iris retractor is a 5 ΒΌ inches long handheld tool. It helps eye specialists hold back ...

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