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Micro Aneurysm Clips

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The Micro Aneurysm Clips are microsurgical instruments used to stop blood flow while performing surgical procedures. When the aim is to block the blood supply to an aneurysm, these clips work amazingly. Generally, aneurysm clipping technique is widely used to curtail the risk of rupture. The tool's design is similar to a small coil-spring tie pin that lay stress to block the sac. Some patters are straight, and some are slightly or fully curved. These variations are used according to the surgery's requirements. The fine quality 100% medical-grade German stainless steel body of the clips can be sterilized easily. They are nonreactive, strong, and exceptionally balanced. Without causing damage to the muscles and veins, these tools aid in the firm and smooth holdings. The special autoclavable designs are ideal for providing confidence to the user in the operating room. Thus, GerMedUSA offers Micro Aneurysm Clips with multiple variations that are perfect to be a part of your surgical kit.
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