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K Wires

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The K Wires are known as Kirschner Wires. They are commonly used in the stabilization of fractures during orthopedic procedures. They can be used according to the nature of the fracture. Moreover, a variety of K Wires are available for the ease of the customers. 

GerMedUSA has manufactured an extensive range of K Wires with multiple variations. Therefore, our K Wires are perfect to be a part of your amazing orthopedic surgery kit.

K Wires Single Trocar

K Wires Single Trocar


K Wires Single Trocar is a system of wire stabilization used in most orthopedic surgery. It is widel ...

Multiple SKUs Available
G39-164K-Wire Single Trocar 2 3/4" 0.6mm pkg/6$20.00
G39-166K-Wire Single Trocar 2 3/4" 0.8mm pkg/6$20.00
G39-168K-Wire Single Trocar 4" 0.7mm 0.028" pkg/6$19.50
G39-170K-Wire Single Trocar 4" 0.9mm 0.035" pkg/6$19.70
G39-172K-Wire Single Trocar 4" 1.1mm 0.045" pkg/6$19.80
G39-174K-Wire Single Trocar 4" 1.4mm 0.054" pkg/6$20.00
G39-176K-Wire Single Trocar 4" 1.6mm 0.062" pkg/6$20.20
G39-196K-Wire Single Trocar 5" 0.7mm 0.028" pkg/6$19.70
G39-198K-Wire Single Trocar 5" 0.9mm 0.035" pkg/6$19.80
G39-200K-Wire Single Trocar 5" 1.1mm 0.045" pkg/6$20.00
G39-202K-Wire Single Trocar 5" 1.4mm 0.054" pkg/6$20.20
G39-204K-Wire Single Trocar 5" 1.6mm 0.062" pkg/6$20.40
G39-206K-Wire Single Trocar 6" 0.7mm 0.028" pkg/6$20.00
G39-208K-Wire Single Trocar 6" 0.9mm 0.035" pkg/6$20.20
G39-210K-Wire Single Trocar 6" 1.0mm 0.040" pkg/6$20.40
G39-212K-Wire Single Trocar 6" 1.1mm 0.045" pkg/6$20.40
G39-214K-Wire Single Trocar 6" 1.2mm 0.047" pkg/6$20.50
G39-216K-Wire Single Trocar 6" 1.3mm 0.051" pkg/6$20.50
G39-218K-Wire Single Trocar 6" 1.4mm 0.054" pkg/6$20.60
G39-220K-Wire Single Trocar 6" 1.6mm 0.062" pkg/6$20.60
G39-222K-Wire Single Trocar 6" 2.0mm 5/64" pkg/6$21.50
G39-224K-Wire Single Trocar 6" 2.5mm 0.098" pkg/6$22.00
G39-226K-Wire Single Trocar 6" 3.0mm 0.118" pkg/6$28.88
G39-178K-Wire Single Trocar 9" 0.7mm 0.028" pkg/6$21.60
G39-180K-Wire Single Trocar 9" 0.9mm 0.035" pkg/6$21.80
G39-182K-Wire Single Trocar 9" 1.1mm 0.045" pkg/6$22.00
G39-186K-Wire Single Trocar 9" 1.4mm 0.054" pkg/6$22.40
G39-184K-Wire Single Trocar 9" 1.6mm 0.062" pkg/6$22.20
G39-2600K-Wire Single Trocar 12" 0.7mm 0.028" pkg/6$23.98
G39-188K-Wire Single Trocar 12" 0.9mm 0.035" pkg/6$22.00
G39-190K-Wire Single Trocar 12" 1.1mm 0.045" pkg/6$22.40
G39-194K-Wire Single Trocar 12" 1.4mm 0.054" pkg/6$22.50
G39-192K-Wire Single Trocar 12" 1.6mm 0.062" pkg/6$22.50
K Wires Double Trocar

K Wires Double Trocar


K Wires Double Trocar is considered as wires stabilization used in most orthopedic surgery. It is wi ...

Multiple SKUs Available
K Wires Single Diamond

K Wires Single Diamond


K Wires Single Diamond falls for excellent, dry, and damp isolation cuts without substantial heat ge ...

Multiple SKUs Available
G39-258K-Wire Single Diamond Round 4" 0.7mm .028" pkg/6$22.99
G39-3310K-Wire Single Diamond Round 4" 0.9mm .035" pkg/6$23.21
G39-3320K-Wire Single Diamond Round 4" 1.1mm .045" pkg/6$23.43
G39-3330K-Wire Single Diamond Round 4" 1.4mm .054" pkg/6$23.65
G39-3340K-Wire Single Diamond Round 4" 1.6mm .062" pkg/6$23.76
G39-3341K-Wire Single Diamond Round 5" 0.7mm .028" pkg/6$22.99
G39-260K-Wire Single Diamond Round 5" 0.9mm .035" pkg/6$22.99
G39-262K-Wire Single Diamond Round 5" 1.1mm .045" pkg/6$23.43
G39-264K-Wire Single Diamond Round 5" 1.4mm .054" pkg/6$26.95
G39-3348K-Wire Single Diamond Round 5" 1.6mm .062" pkg/6$23.65
G39-3350K-Wire Single Diamond Round 6" 0.7mm .028" pkg/6$23.21
G39-3360K-Wire Single Diamond Round 6" 0.9mm .035" pkg/6$23.43
G39-3370K-Wire Single Diamond Round 6" 1.1mm .045" pkg/6$23.65
G39-3380K-Wire Single Diamond Round 6" 1.4mm .054" pkg/6$40.59
G39-3390K-Wire Single Diamond Round 6" 1.6mm .062" pkg/6$32.67
G39-3400K-Wire Single Diamond Round 9" 0.7mm .028" pkg/6$24.97
G39-266K-Wire Single Diamond Round 9" 0.9mm .035" pkg/6$25.19
G39-268K-Wire Single Diamond Round 9" 1.1mm .045" pkg/6$25.41
G39-272K-Wire Single Diamond Round 9" 1.4mm .054" pkg/6$25.74
G39-270K-Wire Single Diamond Round 9" 1.6mm .062" pkg/6$25.63
G39-3500K-Wire Single Diamond Round 12" 0.7mm .028" pkg/6$32.12
G39-274K-Wire Single Diamond Round 12" 0.9mm .035" pkg/6$29.70
G39-276K-Wire Single Diamond Round 12" 1.1mm .045" pkg/6$24.97
G39-3525K-Wire Single Diamond Round 12" 1.4mm .054" pkg/6$25.19
G39-278K-Wire Single Diamond Round 12" 1.6mm .062" pkg/6$25.41
G39-286K-Wire Single Diamond Threaded 9" 1.6mm .062" pkg/6$59.42
K Wires Double Diamond

K Wires Double Diamond


K Wires Double Diamond falls for excellent, dry, and damp isolation cuts without substantial heat ge ...

Multiple SKUs Available
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