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Dressing Forceps Cardio & Thoracic Instruments

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Dressing forceps are forceps which originally were designed to hold gauze and other dressings, however, they have since been adapted for other purposes. Dressing forceps can also be used during wound debridement, to pull out pieces of infected or dead tissue, remove foreign material in a wound, or pull back the skin to better visualize the area of an injury. They are a common tool in the emergency room and surgical tool kit as well as in many medical offices. There are several basic variations on the classic dressing forceps. In some cases, these forceps look like tweezers, with a blunted tip which is slightly raspy so that the forceps will have some traction. There are other designs which have scissor-like handles, and the forceps can also be curved, which can be useful for working in close quarters. It also, come in different sizes for different applications.

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