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Nasal Specula

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Nasal Specula helps expand the opening of the nostrils to provide a better view to the surgeon during the nasal surgery. This tool plays a vital role in nasal pathology. Here are some of the types:

•    Killian Nasal Specula
•    Vienna Nasal Speculum
•    Cottle Septum Specula
•    Halle Nasal Speculum
•    Tieck-Halle Nasal Speculum

This tool is autoclavable and can withstand environmental pressure. The German forged stainless material makes it easier to clean and sterilize before use.

Vienna Nasal Speculum

Vienna Nasal Speculum


Vienna Nasal Speculum is also known as an intranasal surgical instrument and is widely used to expos ...

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Halle Nasal Speculum

Halle Nasal Speculum


Halle Nasal Speculum is widely used in endoscopic nasal surgical procedures. It is used to retract a ...

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Cottle Septum Speculum

Cottle Septum Speculum


Cottle Septum Speculum is preferably used in endoscopic nasal surgical procedures. It is used to ret ...

Multiple SKUs Available
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