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Debakey Needle Holder

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Debakey Needle Holder is used for holding needles for the purpose of suturing. The jaws are specially designed to grip the suturing needle firmly.

Here are some of the features:
•    Ratchet Lock Technology
•    Finger-ring Handle
•    Tungsten Carbide Jaws 
•    Lightweight body

Tungsten carbide makes the instrument five times stronger than the standard ones. It ensures nonskid use and helps in avoiding clumsy accidents.

Debakey Needle Holder 7 inch Tungsten Carbide Insert

Debakey Needle Holder 7" Tungsten Carbide Insert

SKU: G17-139

Availability: In Stock

Debakey Needle Holder is made for holding the needles firmly. It comes in several variations and con ...

$135.00 $108.00
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