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An extractor is an instrument which is used to remove wires, bolts, broken pins and threaded bolts in orthopedic operations. Extractors include slap hammers, tibial tray handles, cup extraction and starter tools, and much more. Typically, the extractor refers to a tool for extracting close fitting parts or taking something out. Therefore, GerMedUSA accepted the practical choice for all surgeons around the world. With the help of experts, we produced this incredible tool. All the components in this tool are made of stainless steel manufactured by German Forged. This equipment can be used to extract or eliminate wires and pins during the surgeries. We make instruments that are durable, and sharp. That's why after disinfection, they can be used again.

Extractor Femoral Head 8 1/2 inch T-Handle

Extractor Femoral Head 8 1/2" T-Handle

SKU: G24-1571

Availability: In Stock

Soft Tissue Protector Paddle 5 1/2 inch Outside Diameter 85mm Inside Diameter 18mm

Soft Tissue Protector Paddle 5 1/2" Outside Diameter 85mm Inside Diameter 18mm

SKU: G24-1572

Availability: In Stock

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