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A packer and excavator is a specially designed double-ended surgical instrument. It is used in podiatry for various procedures, including condensing bone grafts, shaping bone, removing calluses and corns, and excavating foreign bodies from the foot.

The packer end of the instrument is used to pack bone graft material into the prepared site. The excavator end has a sharp hook that helps remove carious dentin, foreign bodies, and other tissue during foot care. The round, ergonomic design handle of the instrument perfectly fits the podiatrist’s hand, ensuring improved control. 

We have manufactured our Packers and Excavators from medical-grade German stainless steel, making it sterilizable and high-tensile. 

Packer and Excavator 5 1/2 inch 2x25mm Packer And Blunt Hook End

Packer and Excavator 5 1/2" 2x25mm Packer And Blunt Hook End

SKU: G16-203

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Packer and Excavator is used to remove carious dentin and pack grafting material during podiatry car ...

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