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Bone Cutting Forceps are designed for bone-cutting procedures during podiatry practices.

These podiatry forceps comes in multiple variations such as: 
•    Ruskin (Kleinkert Kutz) Bone Splitting Forceps
•    Liston Blau Bone Cutting Forceps
•    Ruskin Rowland Nasal Hump Forceps

These quality patterns are perfect for a wide range of podiatry procedures. We manufacture these instruments from German forged stainless material. 

Ruskin (Kleinkert Kutz) Bone Splitting Forceps

Ruskin (Kleinkert Kutz) Bone Splitting Forceps

During multiple surgical procedures, the Ruskin (Kleinert Kutz) bone splitting forceps are used to g ...

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Liston Blau Bone Cutting Forceps 5 1/2 inch Straight Narrow Blades

Liston Blau Bone Cutting Forceps 5 1/2" Straight Narrow Blades

SKU: G22-1200

Availability: In Stock

Liston Blau Bone Cutting instrument is used for grasping, manipulating, and extracting bones. The st ...

$289.81 20% Off
Ruskin Rowland Nasal Hump Forceps 7 inch Double Action Narrow Jaws

Ruskin Rowland Nasal Hump Forceps 7" Double Action Narrow Jaws

SKU: G58-196

Availability: In Stock

The Ruskin Rowland Nasal Hump forceps assist in thoracic/cardiovascular, aesthetic, and orthopedic s ...

$622.86 20% Off