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Tendon Pulling Forceps

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Best suited for use in orthopedic practices are Tendon Pulling Forceps. They can be explicitly used to repair torn or disengaged tendons or can be used to hold a ligament as a muscle is manipulated during surgery. Such forceps may be used in treatments such as hand tendon transfer to restore lost functional ability, or to repair a full patellar tendon tear. This equipment features an integrated shaft with serrated jaws and is of the category of an alligator that gives it incredible reach for tendon availability in a variety of places.

GerMedUSA has set up several advanced and efficient standard instruments for surgeons in seeking to meet these requirements. This tool can be used to provide availability and transparency in the process. The equipment is accurate, dependable, and robust. They can also be reused after decontamination.
Tendon Pulling Forceps

Tendon Pulling Forceps


Tendon Pulling Forceps are manufactured ideally for use in orthopedic procedures. It is widely used ...

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