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Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL)damage is the most common injury in dogs and the #1 cause of lameness. A further  20-40% of the untreated will rupture another limb because of imbalance and awkward thrusting. When the CCL is torn, weight bearing movement becomes painful and causes the limbs to give out. This instability can lead to arthritis which will cause a decline in limb function and eventually lameness.

One surgical technique to fix this problem is Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA) which changes the angle of the pull onto the  patellar tendon advancing the tibial tuberosity. TTA differs from TPLO only in that TPLO rotates the tibial plateau into a more flat position. 

TTA was developed in Zurich, Switzerland by Dr. Slobodan Tepic with the idea in mind that putting more force on the quadriceps that pull the tendon would solve the problem. This has proved successful at a rate of 90% even with arthritic patients and stability is achieved with a significant decrease in joint pressure. 

Advantages of the GerMed TTA System:
 - Specifically for TTA; easy to use system; allows surgeon to operate on both knees if needed.
 - Tungsten Carbide/Titanium implants are made to be less reactive and less likely to break.
 - Trays and containers are well received by most doctors and preferred to any other set-up.
 - Unique plate specifically contoured for less pressure and strain, easier to manipulate and work with; therefore less operator-dependent failures, resulting in better clinical results.