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The surgical bone rasp is designed for shaping, trimming, and forming surfaces of bones. The contouring is done through solid steel teeth that project from a perforated blade's flat surface.

We offer the following rasp instruments with various patterns: 
•    Bone Rasp
•    Bone Rasp Straight Double Ended

These orthopedic bone rasps are perfect to be a part of your surgical kit. 

Bone Rasp

Bone Rasp

Bone Rasp is used to carving down uneven bone edges during orthopedic surgery. The ergonomic design ...

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Excision Arthroplasty Rasp 170mm

Excision Arthroplasty Rasp 170mm

SKU: G22-328-01

Availability: In Stock

The excision Arthroplasty is a specialized surgical instrument used to file rough bone edges and rem ...

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Bone Rasp Straight Double Ended

Bone Rasp Straight Double Ended

The bone rasps are used to manipulate hard tissues during multiple orthopedic surgical procedures. T ...

Multiple buying options, see details to choose according to your needs.