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The Lowman Bone Holding Clamp is designed for bone holding. This clamp is suitable for an accurate and specific manner in easy holding, stabilization, and even bone rotation.

These clamps have the following features: 
•    1 x 2 Jaws
•    Multiple Cup opening 
•    Multiple Patterns 

The instrument is manufactured with high-quality German surgical stainless material. So, it is reusable after sterilization. 

Bone Reduction Forcep 12 inch Double Ratchet Opening 5mm-45mm

Bone Reduction Forcep 12" Double Ratchet Opening 5mm-45mm

SKU: G24-1516

Availability: In Stock

Bone Reduction Forceps are used for the soft tissue attachment intended to reduce distal radius frac ...

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Lowman Bone Clamp 1x1 Jaws

Lowman Bone Clamp 1x1 Jaws

The Lowman Bone Clamp is used in firmly grasping the bone segments during an orthopedic operation.

Multiple buying options, see details to choose according to your needs.
Lambert Lowman Bone Clamp

Lambert Lowman Bone Clamp

The Lambert Lowman bone clamp is used in bone alignment and reduction surgeries. The two-by-two jaws ...

Multiple buying options, see details to choose according to your needs.