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The Pynchon Suction Tube is an amazing instrument used for removing blood or fluid from the surgical site. The features include 11 inches long chrome-plated body and a curved tube as shaft, and a comfortable handle for a secure grip. The tube is either removable or non-removable. The tube is often mixed with Andrews-Pynchon Suction Tube, but this suction tube is different from the previous one. However, the body of the tool is made of 100% German medical-grade stainless steel. Experts suggest that tools must be cleaned within 10 minutes after surgery and sterilized before the next use. They are lightweight, reliable, and rustproof. Thus, GerMedUSA offers a high-quality Pynchon Suction Tube. It's designed to remove liquid from the area being operated. Our equipment is ideal for performing several surgeries for years if cared properly.

Andrews-Pynchon Suction Tube Delicate Pattern 10 inch Chrome Plated

Andrews-Pynchon Suction Tube Delicate Pattern 10" Chrome Plated

SKU: G21-138

Availability: In Stock

Andrews-Pynchon Suction Tube Delicate Pattern 10" Chrome Plated is ideal to remove blood from the su ...

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