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Malleolar Bone Holding Forceps are designed for aligning and holding malleolus bone fragments into precise positions to perform skeletal trans-fixation.

These forceps have the following features: 
•    Ergonomic handle for ensuring improved handling 
•    Long ratchet for adjusting the opening length 
•    Tips with Spikes for a strong grasp

The long jaws with spikes have an advantage for precise grasping of the malleolus fragments with ease. So, they are perfect for stabilizing bone structures such as K-wire fixation or open-fracture reduction procedures. 

Bone Reduction Forcep 12 inch Double Ratchet Opening 5mm-45mm

Bone Reduction Forcep 12" Double Ratchet Opening 5mm-45mm

SKU: G24-1516

Availability: In Stock

Bone Reduction Forceps are used for the soft tissue attachment intended to reduce distal radius frac ...

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