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GermedUSA Inc. is the leading Biopsy Instruments Manufacturer/Supplier. We carry a wide selection of Biopsy Instruments, Veterinary Biopsy Instruments, Equine Biopsy instruments, Veterinary Biopsy Instruments and Veterinary Biopsy Equipment to serve the Veterinary and healthcare dealer markets.   Our Years of experience and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, have helped us to keep our prices low. Our Surgical Instruments have been created by the best craftsmen. GermedUSA offers its customers the most reliable customer service. Processing an order with GermedUSA is hassle free, because your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Allis Tissue Forceps 1x2th 55cm

Allis Tissue Forceps 1x2th 55cm

SKU: G16-17

Availability: In Stock

Allis Tissue Forceps 1x2th 55cm is used in grasping and obtaining biopsies from soft and bony tissue ...

$834.00 $695.00
Keyes Cutaneous Punch 4mm Tip 4 inch (10cm)

Keyes Cutaneous Punch 4mm Tip 4" (10cm)

SKU: G22-92

Availability: In Stock

Dermal Punches, Keyes, 4"/ 10 cm, 4mm wide

$37.05 $33.34