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Lambotte Bone Holding Forceps are designed for holding or grasping bones during orthopedic surgeries. The swivel head allows access and continuous grip when reconfiguring and a flexible jaw, making it ideal for several different bony areas.

These instruments have the following features: 
•    Adjustable jaws
•    Straight swivel head
•    Multiple Sizes
•    German Forged

The distinctive crescent shape of the jaws enables them to maintain a firm grip over the manipulated bony region securely. In addition, this instrument is available in three different lengths to fit any choice of surgeons or patient needs. 

Bone Reduction Forcep 12 inch Double Ratchet Opening 5mm-45mm

Bone Reduction Forcep 12" Double Ratchet Opening 5mm-45mm

SKU: G24-1516

Availability: In Stock

Bone Reduction Forceps are used for the soft tissue attachment intended to reduce distal radius frac ...

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