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Martin Cartilage Scissors are designed for bony repair procedures in those surgical sites that are cartilaginous and need remodeling.

These surgical scissors have the following features: 
•    Overall length 8” 
•    Serrated Blades
•    Finger-ring handles
•    Premium Grade 

These scissors are also available in other sizes to accommodate multiple surgical scenarios. 

Martin Cartilage Scissors 8 inch Serrated Blades

Martin Cartilage Scissors 8" Serrated Blades

SKU: G22-254

Availability: In Stock

Martin Cartilage Scissors 8" Serrated Blades are used to remodel and cartilaginous structures. The s ...

$150.10 $120.08
Martin Cartilage Clamp 7 1/2 inch Straight

Martin Cartilage Clamp 7 1/2" Straight

SKU: G22-253

Availability: In Stock

Martin Cartilage clamps assist in grasping cartilage. The teethed jaws of the clamp allow continual ...

$166.00 $132.80