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The Drill Burr is widely used for drilling and deburring holes for accurate screw placement. These instruments are commonly used while stabilizing the fracture site. We offer the following patterns: 

•    Hudson Burr
•    Adson Burr 

It is made of 100% German stainless steel that keeps it lightweight and rust-free. It secures the hand while drilling or deburring the holes.

Hudson Burr

Hudson Burr

Hudson bur is commonly used for starting a pivot hole or for enhancing it. This instrument comes in ...

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Adson Burr 3 3/4 inch 14mm

Adson Burr 3 3/4" 14mm

SKU: G46-62

Availability: In Stock

Adson bur is frequently used for deburring and making holes. It is manufactured with German stainles ...

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