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Ikuta Bone Clamp

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The Ikuta bone clamp is designed for bone clamping and stabilization. These forceps have four prongs per jaw which provide eight stabilization points and thus optimum hold.

Our surgical forceps have the following features: 
•    Straight/Angled Profile 
•    Few mm space between tines
•    Ratchet Lock Mechanism 
•    Superior Quality Metal

The jaw gap determines the maximum screw or pin diameter which can be added. 

Ikuta Bone Clamp Straight

Ikuta Bone Clamp Straight


The Ikuta bone clamp allows the passage of wires or screws at the point of maximum pressure. The tip ...

Multiple SKUs Available
Ikuta Bone Clamp Angled

Ikuta Bone Clamp Angled


The angled Ikuta bone clamp is used to stabilize and grasp bone fragments during orthopedic surgical ...

Multiple SKUs Available
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