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Scoville Curettes are designed to remove lumbar herniated disc material present on the spinal cord or nerve root (Discectomy).

These surgical curettes have the following features: 
•    Rounded handle
•    Long shaft 
•    Small cup tip

Our curettes are available in angled, reverse-angled, or smooth patterns, making them suitable for surgeon expectations.

Scoville Curette

Scoville Curette

Scoville Curette is made for treating the ruptured discs as well as to manipulating the injured disc ...

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Scoville Curette 10” Hollow Handle Oval Cups Straight

Scoville Curette 10” Hollow Handle Oval Cups Straight

SKU: G46-381

Availability: In Stock

Scoville Curette 10" consists of oval cups, a straight end, and a hollow handle. This instrument boa ...

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