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Urological Catheters

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The Urological Catheters are surgical tubes. They are used for collecting urine from the bladder and take it to the drainage bag. A variety of sizes are available for the surgeon’s preference. Male and Female separate equipment is used for surgery. The Dilators are hollow surgical instruments that penetrate into the urethra allowing fluid to pass through and reduce the patient’s discomfort. These tools are tapered and do not cause discomfort pain to the patient. The body of these instruments is made of 100% German stainless steel. They are lightweight, smooth, and rust-free. Experts suggest that the correct tool must be used for the required surgery. These tools are often considered best because of its longevity and autoclavable designs. Therefore, GerMedUSA has designed a manufactured Catheters, Urological that can be a part of your amazing surgical kit.
Male Catheters

Male Catheters


Male Catheters are specifically designed to use urinary bladders' catheterization in males to assess ...

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Guyon Catheter Guide 3mm 15 inch

Guyon Catheter Guide 3mm 15"

SKU: G16-11

Availability: In Stock

Guide, Catheter, Guyon, 3mm, 15"/ 38 cm

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