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Intestinal Instruments

The Intestinal Instruments are versatile surgical instruments that allow users to manage the bleeding during gastrointestinal surgery, biopsies and dilation, and intestinal surgery. They can also play a vital role in intestinal, bowel, and colorectal surgery. When the aim is to deal with gastrointestinal deformities, especially ulcers and stomach tears, a wide variety of forceps and clamps are used by surgeons to meet the surgery specialists. The body of the tools is made of medical-grade German metals. These instruments are reusable, lightweight, and unbendable. While in surgery, they do not breakdown or malfunction easily. Thus, GerMedUSA has designed and manufactured a wide variety of Intestinal Instruments with multiple variations. Our splendid equipment is perfect to be a part of your surgical kit.

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Intestinal Forceps  

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