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Bone Elevator Large Handle 17" Plastic Handle 9" 17mm

SKU: G58-9817
Availability: In Stock

Bone elevator large handle 17" is specifically designed for shaping, smoothing, and removing the bone with the pull stroke.

$311.19 $264.51
Categories: Surgical Elevators

A bone elevator is a surgical tool that is made to be used in orthopedic surgeries. The tool has a large handle to be aptly held in any surgical procedure. Moreover, it comes with a 17mm blade tip and German stainless material. It has a high tensile strength to be non-reactive against all chemicals.

•    Built-In Corrosion Resistant
•    Large Handle
•    Wide Blade Tip
•    Crafted Uniquely With A Long Handle

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Material:Stainless Steel


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