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Pin Puller 6.5" Small

SKU: G32-1900
Availability: In Stock

The working head of the pin puller has a unique design that grasps the head of the k-wire pin firmly. To pull the pin, Apply an outward squeezing force to the head of the pin. The pin puller removes a 2mm or smaller k-wire pin with manual force.


The serrations on the working head of the handle hold the k-wire pin end with a firm grip. The surgical Pin puller features finger ring handles with a ratchet mechanism. The finger ring hold provides a comfortable hold for the surgeon. The ratchet mechanism locks the instrument after holding the k-wire pin so the practitioner can easily pull the pin with ease.

•    Large pull head with serrations and shank
    German forged structure
•    Reusable, lightweight, sterilizable
•    Ratchet mechanism


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