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Pin Inserters

Burgess Modified Pin Inserter 4.5"

Pin Inserters 4.25"

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Pin inserters are T-shape orthopedic surgical tools that assist to control the positioning of flexible k-wires during hard cortical bone contact. The instrument preserves the neurovascular structure from spinning wires. The grasping end of the instrument provides a secure grip during surgeries.

SKU: G32-1855
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The glenoid retractor is a suitable instrument for removing the inferior acromial surface and humeral head in one operation. The tool features a teethed head that is useful for repositioning the dislocated shoulder joint. A glenoid retractor is ideal for rotator cuff tears and shoulder joint relocation.

SKU: G32-1920
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Pin Inserters Size 4.25" is a T-shape orthopedic surgical tool that assist to control the positioning of flexible k-wires during hard cortical bone contact.

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The guide’s ends are smooth enough to pass through the tissues and skin with the least damage to the neurovascular structure. On the other hand, the narrow guides are suitable for wrist surgery, where k-wires insertions through angles are hard to approach initial incisions. The guide wire can be inserted with a direct vision from the primary incision. The k-wire is useful to protect the adjacent soft tissues while passing through the guide wire.

•    Reusable, non-corrosive
    High tensile strength

The tool has a robust structure with two sturdy screws attached to the shoulder joint for relocation. In addition, the tool features two movable blades that move up and down to retract the humeral head and the inferior acromial surface. As a result, the tool ensures safe and efficient shoulder surgery.

•    German forged instrument
    Reusable, lightweight, durable.
    High tensile strength
    Require low maintenance

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