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Neurosurgical Knives Set with Knife Chuck Handle

SKU: G24-980 S
Availability: In Stock

Neurosurgical Knives Set with Knife Chuck Handle contains a total of 6 instruments. It includes a chuck handle, 2 chisels, and 3 knives. These instruments are delicately crafted to assist neurosurgeons in manipulating delicate structures with enhanced precision.

Set Includes:
1G24-955Neuro Knife Handle 13cm with universal chuck 3mm
1G24-905Chiesel Silver 20cm Neuro Wire
1G24-910Chiesel Meniscus 2.5mm - 20cm Neuro Wire
1G24-915Banana Knife 20cm Neuro Wire
1G24-920Elevator Point Knife 20cm Neuro Wire
1G24-925U Knife 20cm Neuro Wire
$759.70 20% Off
Categories: Neurosurgical Knives

In addition, surgical-grade German stainless steel makes our Neurosurgical Knives Set with Knife Chuck Handle reusable and durable. Moreover, it is :
•    Easily sterilizable 
•    Corrosion-resistant 
•    Ergonomically designed 


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