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Cottle Elevator Joseph Curved

Cottle Elevator Joseph Curved 5.5mm

Cottle Elevator Joseph Curved 9mm

SKU: Cottle Elevator Joseph Curved
Availability: In Stock
SKU: G22-039
Availability: In Stock

The Cottle Elevator Joseph, Curved 5.5mm, is specially designed to assist surgeons during facial and plastic surgeries. It is ideal for sliding beneath the soft skin and manipulating delicate tissues during Rhinoplasty or nasal reconstruction.

SKU: G22-037
Availability: In Stock

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$294.95 $265.46
$294.95 $265.46

Owing to its ergonomic structure, our Cottle Elevator Joseph provides a firm hand grip and is easily handleable. Additionally, it is:
    German stainless steel made
•    Reusable


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