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Lothrop Uvula Retractor 20mm Wide

SKU: G21-89
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Lothrop Uvula Retractor is used for oral and throat surgical procedures. The highly polished finishing of the high-quality German surgical stainless material gives precise outcomes of the surgeries. The Retractor is reusable after sterilization.

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Lothrop Uvula Retractor is a handy mouth and throat retractor. It is widely used for oral and throat surgeries. This hook-shaped Retractor is useful for the elevation of the uvula and directs the soft-palate forward. This unique shape permits better visibility of the pharyngo-nasal cavity. The wide Blade accommodates multiple patient sizes and cases. The grooved Blade is helpful if easy retraction without causing further damage. The deep lip and loop handle provides comfortable manipulation. This Retractor is specified for the bronchoscopic/tonsil/oral need. It is crafted from sufficient German stainless material for durability and long-term use. The surgical-grade material provides the highest level of craftsmanship. The instrument is 20 mm comprehensive.

GerMedUSA provides a broad line of mouth and oral Retractor. These surgical retractors have multiple variations and features. The excellent features make these instruments perfect for a wide range of surgeries. If you are interested in customized features, we also provide a better solution for customized instruments. These customized instruments fulfill the need of surgeon's personal preferences.

Additional Information

Material:Stainless Steel
Item Type:Lothrop Uvula Retractor
Tip Size:20mm Wide
Unit of Measure:Each


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