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Yankauer Suction Tube 20 Fr Standard Size

SKU: G21-10
Availability: In Stock

This is known as an oral suctioning tool. It is widely used in a broad range of medical approaches. It is typically a firm stainless suction tip having a large opening. The bulbous head surrounds this opening. It allows effective suction without damaging nearby tissues.

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Yankauer Suction Tube is widely used for suction of oropharyngeal secretions to prevent aspiration. It can also be used to clear the operative sites during surgery. The suction volume counted as blood loss during surgeries. It comes in a standard size. It is manufactured from stainless material along with chrome plating. Low maintenance is required. Because it has high tensile strength and resistance against environmental changes, it is highly compatible with steam sterilization. The stainless body renders the surface inert to many chemical reactions. Thus, giving an exceptional built-in corrosion resistance. Specifically in the internal human body environment. It is a reusable tool that can be cleaned and sterilized easily.

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Material:Stainless Steel


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