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Nail Trimmer

SKU: V70-311
Availability: In Stock

No slip handles with a shield for protecting blade when not in use 3/8” opening 5”L

$15.00 $12.50

SKU Item Qty G08-01 #3 Knife Handle 1 Misc Beaver Knife Handle 10cm 1 G10-27 Mayo Scissors 6 3/4" Straight 1 Misc Roger Wire Cutting Scissors 4.75" 1 G19-59 Frazier Suction 10FR 1 G11-01 Halstead Mosquito Forceps 5" Straight 1 G11-02 Halstead Mosquito Forceps 5" Curved 1 G11-05 Crile Forceps 5 1/2" Straight 1 G12-21 Adson Brown Forceps 4 3/4" 1 Misc Cruciate Needle Holder/Driver 1 G13-38 Senn Retractor 6 1/4" 3 Sharp Prongs 1 G13-958 Hohmann Retractor 8mm 1 G19-77 Lempert Rongeur 6 1/2" Curved 1 G21-131 Complete Dual Hand Chuck 1 G39-298 3/32" x 9" Steinmann Pin Smooth 1 Misc Crimping Forceps 1 G24-446 Universal Tensioning Device 1 Misc Crimp Clamps 15/Pack 1 G09-42 Perforated Tray 1


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