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Richardson Eastman Retractors Double Ended Set Of Two 10"

SKU: G13-57M
Availability: In Stock

The Richardson Eastman Retractors Double Ended Set of Two 10" is a surgical instrument used to hold back tissue during surgical procedures. This set of two retractors features a double-ended design, with each retractor having two distinct blade sizes on opposite ends.

$189.74 $151.79

Richardson Eastman Retractors are commonly used in procedures such as abdominal surgeries, rectal procedures, and gynecological surgeries. The double-ended design allows for greater flexibility and precision during the surgical procedure, providing surgeons with the ability to choose the appropriate blade for the specific task at hand. These Retractors have Double Ended Set of Two 10" is a reliable and essential tool for surgeons, ensuring precise and accurate tissue retraction and manipulation, which is crucial in achieving successful surgical outcomes. Moreover these retractors are: 
•    German Stainless Steel Made
•    Corrosion-Resistant
•    Reusable
•    Non-Sterile
•    Double Ended

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Material:Stainless Steel


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