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Basic Major Orthopedic Instrument Set

SKU: G40-2720
Availability: In Stock

Basic major orthopedic instruments are designed to treat joint abnormalities and manipulation of bones, ligaments, tissues, and tendons. The ortho tool kit includes retractors, forceps, needle holders, osteotomes, suction tubes, towel clamps, and other essential instruments. All instruments are forged with German stainless steel.

Set Includes:
2G13-99Volkman Retractor 8 1/2" One Sharp Prong
1G18-293Steel Ruler
1G19-65Frazier Suction Tube 8 Fr
1G19-60Frazier Suction Tube 12 Fr
1G19-181Beyer-Stille Rongeur 7" 4x15mm Bite Curved
2G21-15Schnidt Tonsil Hemostatic Forceps 7 1/2" Slight Curved
1G19-81Ruskin Bone Cutting Forceps Angled Jaw 7 1/2"
1G24-31Stille Luer Rongeur 8 1/2" Curved 10mm Double Action
2G19-219Kern Bone Holding Forcep 8 1/2" Without Ratchet
1G19-224Lambotte Bone Holding Forcep 10 1/2" Swivel Head Adjustable Jaw With Ratchet
1G19-228Lane Bone Forcep 13" Standard 2x2 Teeth Serrated Jaws With Ratchet Maximun Opening 34mm
1G24-46Lowman Bone Clamp 5" Jaws 1x2 Maximum Cap Opening 1"
1G24-48Lowman Bone Clamp 8" Jaws 1x2 Maximum Cap Opening 2 1/2"
6G11-120Ferguson Angiotribe Forceps Curved 6 1/2"
1G22-151Hibbs Osteotome 9" Straight 1/4" (6mm)
1G22-154Hibbs Osteotomes 9" Curved 3/8" (10mm)
1G22-155Hibbs Osteotome 9" Straight 1/2" (13mm)
1G22-158Hibbs Osteotomes 9" Curved 5/8" (16mm)
1G22-159Hibbs Osteotome 9" Straight 3/4" (19mm)
1G22-164Hibbs Osteotomes 9" Curved 1" (25mm)
1G22-165Hibbs Osteotomes 9" Straight 1 1/8" (29mm)
1G22-171Hibbs Gouge 9 1/2" Straight 1/4"
1G22-174Hibbs Gouge 9 1/2" Curved 3/8"
1G08-01Knife Handle No 3
2G08-03Knife Handle No 4
1G17-47Mayo Hegar Needle Holder Serrated 8" Tungsten Carbide
1G17-11Mayo Scissors Tungsten Carbide Curved 5 1/2"
1G17-10Mayo Scissors Tungsten Carbide Straight 6 3/4"
1G17-12Mayo Scissors Tungsten Carbide Curved 6 3/4"
1G17-14Metzenbaum Scissors Straight 7" Tungsten Carbide
1G10-73Esmarch Plaster Shears 8"
1G12-07Thumb Tissue Forceps 1x2 Teeth 6"
1G12-93Tissue Forceps 4x5 Teeth 6"
2G12-57Adson Forceps 1x2 Teeth 4 3/4" Delicate
6G11-06Crile Hemostatic Forceps Curved 5 1/2"
4G11-41Rochester Ochsner Forceps Straight 8"
8G11-27Backhaus Towel Clamp 5 1/4"
1G17-09Mayo Scissors Tungsten Carbide Straight 5 1/2"
1G17-63Crile Wood Needle Holder Tungsten Carbide Jaws Serrated 8"
1G13-30Meyerding Retractor 9 1/2" 3 1/2" X 2" Large
1G13-32Meyerding Retractor 9 1/2" 2" X 5/8" Small
1G13-185Israel Retractor Four Blunt Prongs 1 1/2" x 1 5/8" 9"
1G13-217Volkman Retractor Ring Handle 8 3/4" Four Sharp Prongs
2G13-221Volkman Retractor Ring Handle 8 3/4" Four Blunt Prongs
1G13-106Bennett Tibia Retractor Small 9 1/2"
1G13-107Bennett Tibia Retractor Large 9 1/2"
1G13-225Hibbs Retractor 9 1/4" 1" X 3" Blade
1G13-237Beckman Retractor Hinged 4x4 Teeth 12 1/2" 3/4" X 1" Sharp
$10,685.93 20% Off

Our General orthopedic instruments set are  available in different variations and sizes. Instruments are constructed with stainless steel material which ensures exceptional corrosion resistance. In addition, all of the tools are processable, sterilizable, and autoclavable.

   German Stainless Steel
   Reusable and Sterilizable 
   Require low Maintenance

Additional Information

Material:Stainless Steel - SuperCut, Titanium


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