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Emergency Room Shears 8" Serrated Edge

SKU: G10-09
Availability: In Stock

Ideal for emergency medical situations, these 8" shears with a serrated edge deliver precise, effortless cuts. Their ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling even in high-stress conditions. Low maintenance is required due to the high tensile strength of stainless steel material and resistance against environmental changes.

$139.95 20% Off $111.96

When it comes to emergency medical equipment, the Emergency Room Shears with an 8" Serrated Edge stand out for their reliability and precision. Crafted to ensure optimal performance, these shears balance durability and cutting efficiency perfectly. Here are some key features of the Emergency Room Shears 8" Serrated Edge:
•    Made of top-grade stainless steel for longevity
•    Serrated edge for precise, effortless cutting
•    Ergonomic design for comfortable handling
    Autoclavable, ensuring the highest levels of hygiene and safety

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Material:Stainless Steel


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